I) Lewis

II) Clark


Meriwether Family Tree
Cloverfields Graveyard
Lewis Family Tree

>>>Locust Hill Graveyard
Edmund Anderson
Jane Meriwether Anderson
Dr. Meriwether Lewis Anderson Sarah Travers Lewis Scott Anderson
Charles Harper
Lucy Harper
Mildred Lewis
Dr. Reuben Lewis
Lucy Meriwether Lewis Marks
Clark Family Tree

IV) Preservation


Locust Hill Graveyard

Locust Hill Graveyard
Lucy Meriwether Lewis Marks Charles Harper Dr. Meriwether Lewis Anderson Mildred Lewis Jane Meriwether Anderson Reuben Lewis Lucy Harper Edmund Anderson Sarah Travers Lewis Scott Anderson
Click on the graves to see more information on the person buried there. Only the graves that have someone's name pop up when you mouse over them have extra information.

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