Located on the banks of the Rivanna River in Albemarle County, Virginia, Buena Vista, "River Road," was the site of the early home of William Clark's family. Four of his siblings, including the infamous George Rogers Clark, were born to his parents, Ann Rogers Clark and John Clark, III, here. The land on which Buena Vista rests is comprised of a land grant of 3,277 acres that Jonathan Clark, William's grandfather, received from the British Crown. Jonathan Clark patented the estate in 1734, the date of the "Old House." John Clark built the first known building on the property, the "Old House," 300 yards southwest of the present home. The farm associated with this property was 75.93 acres. George Rogers Clark was born at Buena Vista in a cabin (called the "Clark cabin") near the present home. Aston McMurdo (son of third owner, Charles E. McMurdo) described the location of this cabin as on "a knoll near a spring and near a walnut tree in the field." In 1973, the Wheeler family moved a log cabin to the traditional site of the original Clark house. The present home on the Buena Vista property was built in 1862 by Luther George, and is not directly associated with the Clark family (Lay).

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