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The Lewis Family

Some historians claim that the Welsh Lewis family descended from the French line of monarchs (Louis). However, the oldest known Lewis from the explorer's family was Ben Robert Lewis of Wales.

The patriarch of the Virginia Lewises came in 1635 on a ship called the "Blessing." Robert Lewis II served as an officer in the British Army and arrived to claim a land grant in a part of York County that is now in Gloucester, VA. He married a woman named Elizabeth before emigrating, and once in Virginia, they parented two children, William and Major John Lewis. William died without having any children, so John inherited 33,333 1/3 acres from his father.

John Lewis married Isabella Warner, and they settled "Warner Hall" which was named for Isabella. They had a son, John Lewis II, born in 1669.

John Lewis II, called Councilor John due to his service on the King's Council in 1715, married his first cousin, Elizabeth Warner-the woman who would later become the great aunt to George Washington. They gave birth to 14 children: Catherine, Elizabeth, Col. John Lewis III, Col. Charles Lewis, Col. Robert Lewis III, Elizabeth, Isabella, and Ann. The names of the other children remain unknown.

Colonel Robert Lewis married Jane Meriwether, the daughter of Nicholas Meriwether II and Elizabeth Crawford, and established a new estate at Belvoir. This was the first of 11 intermarriages between the Meriwether and Lewis families. Robert Lewis amassed a large amount of land in Goochland and Albemarle Counties throughout his life, which he later divided among his children. He acquired the land in Ivy Depot, VA in 1740. Locust Hill, the childhood home of Meriwether Lewis, was built on this land, and Meriwether's father was the first Lewis to inhabit it. (Meriwether, 1964)

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