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"The love of ancient ancestry is said to be laughable displayed by the Lewis family of England who are said to have in their possession a picture of the Ark with Noah emerging from it bearing a large trunk labelled 'Papers belonging to the Lewis Family.'"
Extract from "A Glimpse of old Dutch Town," Harpers Magazine, March, 1881. (Anderson,5)

The Clark, Lewis, Meriwether, and Rogers families provided the United States with some of its most decorated citizens. Several of the members of each of these families, including George Rogers Clark and William Lewis served in the Revolutionary army. Several helped initiate America's westward expansion, including G.R. Clark, William Clark, Meriwether Lewis, and Reuben Lewis, who traveled west with his brother and served as a liason among the Indian tribes.

Back home in Virginia, the members of these families were among the first to settle the region of central Virginia that now encompasses Albemarle, Goochland, and Caroline counties. The tracts of land they claimed in the late 17th and early 18th centuries helped define how the central Virginia landscapes looks today. They counted among their neighbors and friends the prominent Jefferson and Carr families and their kin. Like those more famous families, the Clarks, Lewises, Meriwethers, and Rogers families provided their share of remarkable politicians, doctors and other civil servants in addition to their prominent military men. Lucy Meriwether Lewis Marks herself is remembered centuries after her death for her vivaciousness and willingness to ride to the outer reaches of the county to provide medical attention, even into her eighties.

The following pages list the ancestors of the William Clark and Meriwether Lewis, detailing their distinguished pedigree, and some of their descendents who carried the name throughout the centuries. Today, descendents of Meriwether Lewis still live at Cloverfields, and care for the Locust Hill graveyard. (The homestead however is no longer in the family.) Descendents of the Clarks still live at Buena Vista, the home of William Clark's parents shortly before the explorer was born. The number of people who can trace their roots back to these two intrepid men and their illustrious ancestors is extremely numerous as the families are also linked to the Jeffersons, Randolphs, Dabneys, and other prominent families. Therefore, the genealogical essay has been "streamlined" to include only the close kin to the explorers-grandparents, great grandparents, parents, siblings, spouses, offspring, or in the case of Meriwether Lewis, the offspring of his siblings since he left none. More complete information is available in a variety of books written by the descendents of the men at various points in history, from the 1850s to the 1980s.

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