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The Clarks and Their Descendents

The census of 1790 reported 2,422 "Clarks" as the heads of families in America. With a name so common, tracing William Clark's paternal ancestors has posed quite a challenge to genealogists. However, his ancestors on his mother Ann Roger's side extend back to the 12th century.

Roger II, conquered and ruled Italy for a time. Several centuries later, his descendent Reverend John Rogers translated the Bible into English; he was burned at the stake in 1555 because he preached Anglicanism. Reverend Rogers wrote under the pen name of Thomas Matthews. His great grandson, named Thomas Matthews Rogers fathered Giles Rogers, Ann Rogers grandfather. Giles Rogers sailed to America in 1680 with his wife and three children. A fourth, a boy, was born on board the ship; Giles named him John. After landing in America, the Rogers' gave birth to two more children. The John Rogers born on the ship is William Clark's maternal grandfather. (Via, 1957) John Rogers is Ann Rogers father, and the family became well established in Virginia. Giles Rogers, Ann's brother, lived at Buck Mountain Creek, and her nephew, John Rogers owned East Belmont. (Via, 1957 and Valentine, 2002)

Jonathan Clark, the first Clark patriarch undeniably related to the famous explorer William and and General George Rogers Clark, patented land in Virginia in 1734 in King and Queen County, Virginia. He patented the 3,277 acres of land (Loving, 1966) with three other men, Thomas Graves, Joseph Smith, and Edwin Kickman, at the foot of what is now known as Buena Vista. Jonathan Clark and his wife gave birth to two sons, Benjamin and John. (Via, 1957)

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