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Birth of William Clark

Country Gentlemen on the Frontier

Revolutionary War

The Falls of the Ohio
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William and George Rogers Clark

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Military Service

Life on the frontier involved Indian wars and continually dealing with the English presence in what was supposed to be American territory. Due to his interactions with the English and the Revolutionary War, William Clark maintained a distrust of the English throughout his life. Once he joined the army in 1789, he had several opportunities to fight both the English and the Indians. One of his first campaigns occurred in 1791 when William served under General Charles Scott's command, which failed. However, when a reorganization of the army occurred, William was placed in the fourth sub-legion under the command of Major General Anthony Wayne (Steffen 21). He participated in the victory at the Battle of Fallen Timbers, and served under Wayne until his retirement in 1796. Serving in the Fallen Timbers Campaign, William served in the same unit as Meriwether Lewis, who he would join, by Lewis' invitation, on an expedition West in 1803 (Fischer and Kelly, 2000, 176). William, a trusted and talented officer, exhibited his diplomatic skills and his abilities as a keen observer when Wayne sent him on a mission in 1795 to a Spanish fort near St. Louis.

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