I) Lewis


Family History

Birth of William Clark
>>Country Gentlemen on the Frontier
Revolutionary War

The Falls of the Ohio

Military Service

William and George Rogers Clark

III) Genealogy

IV) Preservation

Country Gentlemen on the Frontier

Although the Clarks and other families lived as far west as most people would venture, they still maintained a rather genteel lifestyle. The plantation owners lived like English country gentlemen who adapted to the unique experiences of living in the "New World." Jonathan Clark, one of William's older brothers, recalled balls, fox hunts, cockfights, and shooting tourneys (Steffen 14). Additionally, Jonathan and George Rogers received a broad, classical education, which incorporated the classics, literature, geography, history, and the natural sciences. The latter two subjects most fascinated George Rogers, and he passed on his knowledge to the younger William who was eighteen years his junior. William, on the other hand, never received such an education because the Clark family moved to Kentucky in 1784-85. Therefore, William was largely self-educated, and correspondingly tended to make spelling and grammar errors.

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