I) Lewis


Family History
>>Birth of William Clark
Country Gentlemen on the Frontier

Revolutionary War

The Falls of the Ohio

Military Service

William and George Rogers Clark

III) Genealogy

IV) Preservation

Birth of William Clark

The Clarks moved to Caroline County, Virginia, on the eastern slopes of the Alleghenies, where the last six children were born: Richard, Edmund, Lucy, Elizabeth, William, and Frances. The date for the move to Caroline County is disputed. Jerome Steffen noted the date as 1757, however David Fischer and James Kelly cited it at 1755 (Steffen, 1977, 13; Fischer and Kelly, 2000, 176). Born on August 1, 1770, on what was the American frontier at the time, William experienced both frontier life as well as the cultured, elite world of colonial Virginia. Life in Caroline County was characterized by Indian raids, experience with the natural world, and the tensions between the colonies and England. As Jerome Steffen, Clark historian, notes, three features of his life on the frontier greatly influenced William: the Revolutionary War, his attachment to George Rogers Clark, and the plantation environment of Caroline County.

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