The creation of the statue was a collaborative effort of the donor, Paul Goodloe McIntire, the sculptor, Keck, and the president of the University of Virginia, Edwin A. Alderman. Livers, an acquaintance of McIntire recieved correspondence from the Midwest concerning other monuments erected there in commermoration of Lewis and Clark. The historic interest in the Lewis and Clark expedition throughout the nation is revealed in these letters. Notice that the people involved in the conception of the statue are often public servants and leaders of large companies, such as the railways.


Livers to Richards of Cville Railway Company, Sept. 10, 1915
Fuller to Livers, Mar 17, 1916
Livers to Richards, Apr 26, 1916
Livers to Conway,Mayor of Charlottesville, Apr 26, 1916
Livers to Conway, Apr 26, 1916
Livers to Weaver of the Charlottesville-Albemarle Rail Company, Apr 26, 1916
Newsclipping: picture of model of a statue called "The End of the Trail"
Kirkend to Minary, July 14, 1916
Livers to Minary, July 19, 1916
R.C. Ballard Thruston to Weaver, Jan. 16, 1917

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