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Through advances in digital technology, history that has been set in stone is now being revolutionized and collected in a new way.  Digital history allows viewers to see history collected on the web and is subsequently available worldwide.  This website looks into the early days of Albemarle County, Virginia from the perspective of four of its most prominent men in the 18th century.  Albemarle County attracted a unique blend of settlers. In 1744, the year the county was officially founded; very few people lived any further west. Only 150 miles from the Atlantic Ocean, Albemarle County was the frontier. Its relative isolation fostered a sense of community among the first settlers. Joshua Fry, Peter Jefferson, Thomas Walker, and James Maury were all well acquainted; they were interconnected through interests, business, marriage, and even death. They were also all members of the Loyal Land Company, a company collectively owning vast amounts of land west of Albemarle. Attracted to the County for its prospects of land and wealth, each of these men helped to create a community eager to explore the west. 

Our project is designed for users to learn about the lives and homes with the explorers page, follow the paths that Fry, Maury, Jefferson, and Walker took on their way to extraordinary expeditions through navigating the expeditions page, and reflect on our conclusions with the epilogue.  For convenience, there is a complete archive of all digitized materials with descriptions and sources.  Finally, use the timeline to compare the lives and expeditions of each individual.  We invite you to explore this website in hopes that you will see the roots of exploration in the county that fostered the expedition of Lewis and Clark.

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