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Bicentennial Organizations

National Council of the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial

This site offers a comprehensive listing of all events that will occur around the United States commemorating the Lewis and Clark expedition. In addition, the site offers a listing of the Congressional caucuses regarding the bicentennial, contact lists for the sovereign Indian nations whom Lewis and Clark encountered, agencies and partners in the bicentennial celebration, ways to contact parks and lodging for people who want to travel the trail, and more practical information.

Monticello - "Jefferson's West"

"Jefferson's West," is the subject of the bicentennial celebration that began at Monticello in January 2003. The year marks the anniversary of Jefferson's request to Congress to fund an expedition to explore the Western United States to expand trading with the Indian tribes and Asia. The site includes biographical information about Jefferson, historical information about the expedition, the Louisiana Purchase, and a timeline, as well as teaching tools and gift-buying opportunities.

Montana Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Commission

A complete resource for accessing information about the events occurring in Montana in honor of the bicentennial celebration, this site includes resources for Indian tribes, educators, travelers, Montana natives, and the curious who want to know more about the commission, its purpose, and accomplishments.

Lewis and Clark Bicentennial in Oregon

This is the group that will represent Oregon nationally in the celebration of the Lewis and Clark expedition. The display includes references to Oregon's centennial celebration that occurred in 1905, as well as the organizations and partners involved with the bicentennial project, a brief history of the trip, and organizational reports.

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News Media

Lewis and Clark: Roots of a Legacy

This is the companion site to the Community Ideas Station's Telly award winning documentary, Lewis and Clark: Roots of a Legacy, which originally aired in October, 2003. The site exists to provide information, lesson plans and other suggestions to educators teaching about Lewis and Clark. The site and the documentary both feature information about the histories of the Lewis and Clark families in Albemarle County, Virginia.

National Geographic Magazine - Go West Across America with Lewis and Clark

This child-oriented site allows the desktop explorer to join the adventure and make important decisions along the trail with Lewis, Clark, and the rest of the Corps of Discovery. However, if one chooses the wrong option, the next screen will tell you that the captains have ignored your advice and explain what actually happened. Cartoonish illustrations and "did you know" features accompanied by excerpts from Clark's journal make this site both educational and entertaining.

Public Broadcasting System (PBS) - The Journey of the Corps of Discovery

A visually stunning sight that offers interviews with various Lewis and Clark experts about all aspects and participants in the Corps of Northwest Discovery, maps, multimedia clips, and history. WWW companion to the Ken Burns film.

Time Magazine feature on Lewis and Clark

Time's interactive preview for bicentennial celebration includes flash photograph displays and interactive features, as well as articles on the personal lives of Lewis and Clark, the views of the Indians whom they encountered, and features of different opinions on the commemorative events. Interviews with decendents of the Indians who spoke with Lewis and Clark punctuate the site and give a different spin to the importance of the bicentennial celebration. Photographs, polls, and an online web guide make this site a portal to information beyond the travels and history of the Corps of Discovery.

Apple Computers Learning Exchange: Lewis and Clark Then and Now

The Apple Corporation's contribution to the celebration of the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial involves partnering up with the National Park Service and Clayton, MO county school systems to sponsor a series of broadcast re-enactments of the Discovery Expedition of St. Charles. The site has live broadcasts of the newest episodes of the re-enactment, then archives the twenty-minute video for viewing at one's own convenience. This site is meant as a teaching tool for grades 4-10.

"Stop Celebrating, They Don't Matter

David Plotz, the deputy editor of Slate published this article in 2002. He argues that Lewis and Clark actually failed their mission to find an all-water route to the Pacific, and that they do not deserve the credit that they have been given through historical reflection.
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Historical Organizations

Rivers, Edens, and Empires: Lewis and Clark and the Revealing of America

A visually impressive site sponsored by the Library of Congress, Rivers, Edens, and Empires serves as an informational outlet about the environmental aspects of the exhibition.

American Philosophical Society - Lewis and Clark Illustrations

The American Philosophical Society owns part of the collection of the Lewis and Clark Journals, and displays online many images of the pages in the journals containing illustrations. The other parts of the collection reside in the Beinecke Library at Yale and the Missouri Historical Society.

Lewis & Clark Exploratory Center

The Lewis and Clark Exploratory Center of Virginia proposes to build an interactive museum that celebrates the intellectual origins in Virginia of the Lewis and Clark expedition. This website tells the story of the Virginia's contributions to the Expedition.

Missouri Historical Society - The Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Exhibition

Here, one can find a description of the exhibit that will travel across the United States between 2004 and 2006. The exhibit marks the first time since the expedition that so many artifacts and documents have been gathered in one location. The display will show plant specimens, fossils, minerals, and products created by Indian Artisans, as well as Lewis and Clark's journals. The website also lists the schedule of the exhibit's appearances. The site includes an interactive online interpretation of the exhibit.

Lewis and Clark at the Filson

The Filson Historical society created this site to share news about the many events surrounding the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Celebration and the Filson's involvement in it. The site offers information about bicentennial events, the "Dear Brother" book containing the letters of William Clark to his brother, and educational opportunities, as well as information about the Filson Historical Society itself.

Treasures of the American Philosophical Society

Displays sketches made by Charles Wilson Peale of specimens brought back from the expedition by Lewis and Clark.
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University Projects

Rediscovering Lewis and Clark - Lifelong Learning Online

This site is a collaboration between the University of Idaho and NASA. Featuring an interactive flash map that also serves as a timeline, this visually stunning project is an excellent teaching tool. Each timeline stop offers the visitor new information, offers suggestions for lesson plans and essential questions for educators to ask students, as well as activity suggestions.

Peabody Institute at Harvard - The Ethnography of Lewis and Clark

This site includes pictures and explanations of various artifacts and individuals that the explorers encountered, a brief history of the expedition, a map of the route, and a resource list to more information about Lewis and Clark from a variety of contributors.

University of Montana - The Discovery Continues

The University of Montana provides site visitors with information about research regarding the expedition and the politics surrounding it, as well as information about the Montana environment and information about Native America during the time of Lewis and Clark.

Washington State University-Lewis and Clark Among the Indians

This homepage is the resource for Washington State schools teaching about Lewis and Clark. It offers an outline and overview of the project and objectives, lesson plans and activities, an annotated bibliography, journal excerpts, and related links.

Lewis and Clark: The Unheard Voices

Lewis and Clark: The Unheard Voices was an colloquium at Pennsylvania State University in November, 2002. It discussed the expedition from a Native American perspective, as well as the perspective of York, Clark's slave who accompanied the expedition as a free man. This companion site offers an video archive of the speakers who spoke at the event, information about the speakers, information for educators in grades K-12, the agenda for the program, and contact information.

The Thwaites and Biddle Editions of the Lewis and Clark Journals by the University of Virginia

Researchers at the University of Virginia have digitized both the Ruben Gold Thwaites edition (1905) and the Nicholas Biddle Edition (1814) of the Journals of Lewis and Clark. These publications are offered in their full-text versions at this site.

The Journals of Lewis and Clark

A visually intense full-text offering of the expedition Journals, sponsored by the American Studies program at the University of Virginia. This site offers the full text of the Coues edition of the Journals, printed in 1893.

Maps of the Lewis and Clark Exploration

This website is the online supplement and digital exhibition to compliment the exhibition held in the Special Collections library at the University of Virginia in 2003. This collection offers digital images of the maps displayed during the exibit, as well as in depth information relating to the expedition and the maps.

University of Nebraska, Lincoln's full-text offering of the Lewis and Clark Journals

Gary Moulton edited the journals of the Lewis and Clark expedition and published a 12-volume series reprinting the journals of the captains as well as other participants in the Corps of Discovery. The Moulton edition is available in its full-text version at this site. The site also offers educational supplements and information about related events sponsored at UNL.

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Trails, Monuments, and Parks

Jefferson National Expansion Memorial

The Corps of Northwest Discovery embarked from St. Louis, Missouri, and the journey ended there. Fittingly, the world famous gateway arch stands to commemorate St. Louis as the entry to the American West. The Arch and the courthouse nearby compose the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial Park, administered by the National Park Service. This site offers all the information about traveling to St. Louis, where to stay, how to visit the park, a micromedia-flash simulation of the adventure, timelines, architectural information, and news about the bicentennial. The Web site is informative and child-friendly.

Fort Clatsop National Memorial

The Fort Clatsop Memorial offers information complete with photographs of the fort and memorial park today. The park offers educational tours, student programs, and information about life at the turn of the 19th century surrounding the area where the fort stands on the bank of what is now the Lewis and Clark River. The site offers an online tour of the park today, as well as a virtual tour of the forts constructed by the explorers during their stay in Oregon.

Lewis and Clark Trail

The National Park Service site offers information about the various stops along the trail, the upcoming traveling educational center sponsored by the National Park Service using cutting-edge technology to teach about the expedition, job announcements, a calendar of events, and administrative information about the National Park Service. The site offers a history of the trail, the trip, and maps to accompany the information.

Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation

The LCTHF promotes learning about the Lewis and Clark expedition, provides resources to plan a trip along the trail, and offers knowledge about the resources and environment along the way. The Web site also lots of information about the actual organization, how to become a member, support pitches, and an online membership form.

Sierra Club - In the Footsteps of Lewis and Clark

The Sierra Club uses the Web site to connect the impact of the expedition to the area today and recommend the best spots on the trail to visit. Various destinations are punctuated by the journal entries recorded when the Corps of Discovery was there, and beautiful photographs help one imagine what the trail would have been like 200 years ago. The "On This Date" feature shares the entry recorded in the journal on today's date on the journey, and the "Save this place!" feature explains the Sierra Club's campaign to save the wilderness. Site also includes interactive and child-oriented features like a comic strip with Lewis and Clark reincarnated as a beaver and a goose.

Lewis and Clark in North Dakota

This site, sponsored by the official North Dakota Board of Tourism highlights some of the history and sites along the trail to visit in North Dakota. Interactive features include trivia features and kid pages. Site helps plan trips and accomodations in North Dakota as well.

Lewis and Clark in Montana

This is the official State of Montana site for the Lewis and Clark bicentennial celebration. The site includes complete transcripted entries from the Captain's journals, videos of places and animals along the trail, and a kid's site with brief overviews of the history of the expedition and details of the events along the way, information that is also provided more completely on the main page oriented towards older web-surfers. The site offers services to help plan trips to Montana, send e-cards from along the trail, includes information about cities and towns in Montana one may visit or stay in along the trail and elsewhere in Montana, guided adventures, a calendar of events and festivals, and information about the tribes that the Corps encountered on its journey.

Montana Wilderness and Bitterroot Forest

While Lewis, Clark, and the Corps traversed Montana, they encountered several different tribes including the Nez Perce, Mandans, Shoshones, Bitterroot and Flathead Indians. They crossed the Rockies, rode horses, and rowed rivers. This site tells all about their experiences in this mountainous state, complete with photographs and a timeline.

Lewis and Clark in Idaho

Lewis and Clark crossed through Idaho in 1805 while still heading west and returned in 1806 returning East. The site for the organization coordinating Idaho's efforts to commemorate the bicentennial of Lewis and Clark's crossing offers maps, trip information, resources on the tribes that live in Idaho, photographs of Idaho, and contact information for the various committees planning commemorative activities in Idaho.

The Sacagawea Golden Dollar

The U.S. Mint created this page to provide details about the commemorative coins created in time for the bicentennial celebration honoring Sacagawea.

Lewis and Clark Monuments and the Notion of Public Sculpture

This site examines the notion of public sculpture using the Lewis and Clark monument in Charlottesville, Virginia as a case study. The project was conducted by students at the University of Virginia.
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Lewis and Clark Internet Archive

More links. Some of the highlighted sites offer geneaologies of the Corps of Discovery members, others offer graphics and images, and many contain maps and background information.

Lewis and Clark Trail.com

Lewisandclarktrail.com, LLC is an independent business that provides links to information about each state that Lewis and Clark crossed on their way to the Pacific and offers a complete line of Bicentennial products for sale. The site includes Lewis and Clark 101, an events list, biographies, virtual trail tours, a "today in history" feature, and multimedia highlights.

Lewis and Clark Expedition Annotated Bibliography

A useful guide to various books and publications about the Lewis and Clark expedition.
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