The Geography of Slavery

Virginia Independent Chronicle (Davis),
Richmond, September 23, 1789.

Ten Dollars Reward. RUN-AWAY from the subscriber's house in Elizabeth City county, the 29th of June, a negro woman slave, named PATHENY, about 21 or 22 years of age, 5 feet 4 or 5 inches high, of rather a slender make; she has remarkable large long breasts, and not of the blackest complexion, has a full eye, and shews the white large; she is of a tolerable good countenance, is apt to smile when spoken to; she had on a kersey wove Virginia suit of yarn clothes, striped in the warp with black, she took another suit with her, though not of the same stripe, and some other clothes; she lived a few years ago in Mecklenburg county, at one Mr. Henry Delony's, and there I suspect she will endeavor to get again, or in Williamsburg or York county, wherever any of the late Col. Hollier's negroes are hired, she being one of that family of negroes. I purchased her from that estate in April 1788. I will give the above reward if taken in Virginia, and five pounds if out of it, besides all legal and necessary expences, to any person who will deliver her to me in Elizabeth City county, or confine her in jail so that I get her again. NATHAN YANCEY.