The Geography of Slavery

Virginia Gazette or American Advertiser (Hayes),
Richmond, November 22, 1786.

TWENTY DOLLARS REWARD. RUN AWAY the 14th of June last, from the Subscriber in Orange County, a Mulatto Slave, named ANTHONY, about 17 years old, low, but well made, has very light hair and grey eyes; he carried with him a Great Coat, made of white plains with a small red Cape; a jacket of red plains, and another of white linen, each without sleeves; an Oznaburg coat, two pair of breeches, and a pair of striped overalls, felt hat, shoes, and metal buckles; he has been used to house business, and as a waiting servant. TEN DOLLARS Reward will be given, if he be secured so that I get him again, or the above, if brought home to me. N.B. It is probable he has procured a Pass, or a Certificate of his Freedom; and has changed his name and cloaths. JAMES MADISON. Nov. 3, 1786.