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Indentured Servant Ads

  1. Virginia Gazette (Purdie & Dixon), Williamsburg, April 19, 1770
  2. Four slaves/indentured servants missing; one of them belonged to the late Major William Tate.

  3. Virginia Gazette (Rind), Williamsburg, August 1, 1771.
  4. An advertisement primarily for a runaway Irish indentured servant, who was in jail but escaped, along with a runaway slave.

  5. Virginia Gazette (Parks), Williamsburg, August 10 to August 17, 1739
  6. Irish indentured servant, named Thomas Macoun, who ran away along with a slave.

  7. Virginia Gazette (Rind), Williamsburg, June 15, 1769
  8. Ad fears that the runaway slave will be sold by his companion, possibly in Pennsylvania.

  9. Virginia Gazette (Parks), Williamsburg, March 4 to March 11. 1736 [1737]
  10. Irish servant, run away, suspected of having gone on to New York, has changed his name. It's feared that he's being harbored by other Irish people.

  11. Virginia Gazette (Purdie & Dixon), Williamsburg, February 21, 1771
  12. Irish servant and a slave, who may have run away together.

  13. Virginia Gazette (Purdie & Dixon), Williamsburg, June 27, 1771
  14. Slave and an Irish man (James Tobin) captured.