Violet, slave of Sampson Sawyers

[p. 186]

At a Court of Oyer and Terminer held at Augusta Court house the 18th day of Febry. 1780 for the tryal of Violet a Negroe Wench the property of Sampson Sawyers for feloniously burning her master's dwelling house on the night of the 4th inst.

Present Sampson Matthews, William Bowyer, Alexander St. Clair, Elijah McClenachan, Joseph Bell, and James Trimble

The above named Violet was led to the barr and upon examination denied the fact wherewith she stands charged whereupon Rebecca Sawyers James Sawyers John Crow and Nan a negroe girl were sworn and examined as witnesses touching the fact as also the examination of the said Violet was taken and subscribed before James Trimble Gent. on consideration of which and of the circumstances relating to the Crime the Court are of opinion that she is guilty, and do accordingly order that she be hanged by the neck until she be dead for the said fact on the fourth day of March next at or near the town of Stanton at twelve o'clock at Noon and after she is cut down that her head be severed from her body by the neck and stuck upon a pole in the public place near Staunton and the Court do adjudge the value of the said slave to one thousand eight hundred pounds which is ordered to be certified

The the court arose.

Samp. Matthews