Lynchburg Hospital Association

Prompted by the desire to relieve suffering amongst those of our army, who are so unfortunate as to be sick, away from their homes and friends, the Ladies of Lynchburg have organized a Society for the purpose of administering to their wants, and by personal attention to aid the Surgeons in making their conditions comfortable.

At their Depository there is daily prepared such delicate nourishment as the very sick require, and which cannot be properly furnished from the Hospital Kitchen. A cup of nice Tea, or anything else which the ill require, will be promptly furnished at any hours, so that the sick need not wait hours for nourishment which he needs at the moment. Ladies are constantly there to fill the Surgeon's orders, whether for food, clothing, bandages, or anything else required by the sick.

A committee of Ladies go daily, (by request of the Surgeons,) to the Hospitals, to see the sick, and administer to their comfort, by bathing their feverish brows, putting up curtains to shield aching eyes from the sun's dazzling rays, distribute fans, tracts, handkerchiefs, &c.; speak a word of encouragement to the desponding; offer to write letters to the dear ones at home; read God's precious word to those who love it; and in many ways alleviate their sufferings.

A large number of sick get daily all they require from this Depository, besides numbers of the convalescent, who almost crawl there to get a cup of milk or something which they can relish, and it is our greatest pleasure to be able to supply them. Besides these we furnish many of IM and wounded at the Depots, who are unable to get to a Hotel, and must wait there for the train the following day, to carry them homewards. They require and enjoy a cup of tea, slice of ham and biscuit. We are dependant upon voluntary contributions for supplies to meet these emergencies, as the Commissary only furnishes Hospital rations for the sick in the Hospitals.

Will not the generous and kind in the Country think of these poor fellows, and send for them such articles of diet as they have in abundance, and can conveniently spare? Milk, butter, fruit, fowls, vegetables, are always acceptable. Persons who feel disposed to contribute to the comfort of the sick Soldiers, may feel assured that what they send to this institution will go directly to their relief.

The Depository is located on the corner of 5th and Madison Streets, one square below the residence of J.R. McDaniel. Persons from the country, who have not time to go to the Depository, will please leave their packages with Messrs. M. Hollins, Geo. D. Davis, or John Clark.

Please be careful to direct all boxes, designed for this object, to "Lynchburg Hospital Association," care of Mrs. Ann Hollins, President. Please write by mail when a box is sent, and state whether it is desired that the jars, buckets, &c., shall be returned, and where they are to be sent. We will gladly pay any expense for transportation, but there will not be any charge for boxes sent on the Va. and Tenn. or the Orange and Alex. R.R. A Porter, (familiarly known as John Kinckle,) will be regularly at the Depots and Boat Landing, to receive anything entrusted to him for this object.

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