KWL Activity

Discuss the first two questions with the class and take notes on what the students say. After reading the sources and answering the questions, review what was learned. Return to "KW" and see if they were addressed in this activity.

Grant-Lee correspondence on burying the war dead

Diary of Lt. Henry Clay Christiancy

Read June 3-June 7, 1864

Charles Chase Letters:

Letter of Charles Chase Report of J.S. Patch Report of General Stannard Report of Rev. Z. Thompson Poem of Julia Chase Washburn Letter of Preston C.H. West

Various Newspaper Accounts of the Battle of Cold Harbor:

June 4, 1864, The Charleston Mercury June 4, 1864, Richmond Dispatch June 7, 1864, The New York Herald June 8, 1864, The New York Herald

Letters from Charles Phelps:

March 22, 1864 July 10, 1864