Document Based Question (DBQ) Activities

While the document based question is something familiar to advanced placement teachers, the exercises below are suitable for any strong student.

  1. Using the documents provided, identity a set of documents that could be used to answer each question below (you may use entire documents or portions of them).

    Identify evidence within documents that could be used to support each question. Be sure to include what the source is, who said it, and a date. You may use parts of each document.

  2. Create a "blueprint" for your essay: form a thesis and three main supporting arguments that will be used to write each body paragraph.

  3. Write the expository essay using the above "blueprint." Make sure you include outside information in your essay in addition to document references.

Question One:

Determine the extent to which Cold Harbor could be considered a Union success. Address three perspectives from the list below:

Question Two:

Cold Harbor can be seen as a necessary step on the road to Union victory in 1865. Assess the validity of this statement.

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