Charles Chase: Report of Rev. Z. Thompson

KILLED IN THE BATTLE OF COLD HARBOR, VA., JUNE 3RD (1864) CHARLES, SON OF THOMAS CHASE, ESQ., OF BUCKFIELD, (Me.) aged 23. YEARS. Thus fell in the service of his country one of Maine’s noble sons, as thousands of them have fallen before and as many have fallen since. The information certifying the death of Br.C. was not received by the family until within 2 or 3 weeks of this date, and the funeral services dictated by home affection and respect, did not take place until the 18th. Then a large organization assembled at the Universalist church in Buckfield Village and testifies their sympathy with the family of Br.C., and their respect for their brave and honored, but lamented son. It is not often that a young man or more true worth and of brighter promise than young Chase, goes out from the beloved homes of our happy country. Br. Miner of Boston, wrote a beautiful letter to the family, testifying to the excellence of his conduct and character in connection with his Sundayschool of which he was for a time connected, an officer of the company to which he belonged in the service wrote also a letter representing him as one of the best, truest and most faithful of soldiers and most amiable and honorable of men in the army. It is blessed to those who are thus called to mourn –for parent, sister, brother, friend, -to be able to remember so much in character and life of one so young that can be remembered in pleasure. O may our merciful Father in heaven abundantly comfort and support this family with His grace and truth in Jesus Christ our Lord.

Rev. Z. Thompson.

[Source: War Letters of Charles Chase, 1862-1864, Special Collections Department, University of Virginia Library, Charlottesville, Virginia]