Reverend Lawrence C. Campbell

Reverend Lawrence Campbell was one of the founders of the Danville Christian Progressive Association (DCPA) in 1960 during the sit-in movement to spark change in Danville. Campbell, Reverend Alexander Dunlap, and Reverend Lendell W. Chase, considered the NAACP litigation strategy too slow and ineffectual. They favored direct action and protests. Campbell, 33 years old in 1963, and Dunlap, also 33, led the street protests in June 1963. He was arrested and charged with contempt of the local judge's orders against demonstrations. Campbell received the most severe sentence--250 days in jail and a $2,500 fine. Campbell traveled to New York City in late 1963 to raise awareness about the Danville incident and promote support for the civil rights struggle. Campbell argued that affiliation with the SCLC and continued demonstrations in late 1963 in Danville were necessary to bring change to Danville. He also argued consistently that the Danville movement was locally run and inspired.