Julian Stinson

Julian Stinson served as mayor of the city of Danville in the summer of 1963 when protests began. Stinson took a hard line with demonstrators and the black lawyers that represented them. He refused to bargain or open discussions of any sort with those he considered "criminals" or lawbreakers. Since most black leaders in Danville participated in the demonstrations in violation of the local court injunctions against picketing and street demonstrations, Stinson maintained that they had to go through the court process before he would meet with them. According to local newspapers on June 10, 1963, Stinson gave the order to Police Chief Eugene McCain, "Give 'em all you got." After the violent confrontation on June 10, Stinson rebuked Danville's black citizens for ruining the community by publicly demonstrating. Later, in September 1963 Stinson tried to clarify his remarks, arguing that the media misconstrued his statements. Stinson reiterated that he would not meet with or discuss or negotiate formally with anyone charged with crimes, but offered that he did not consider all demonstrators criminals. (Richmond Times-Dispatch, September 8, 1963)