Gov. Thomas Stanley Address to 1955 Session

  • Date: November 30, 1955
  • Creator: Thomas Stanley
  • Archive: Senate Document No. 2, Extra Session 1955, House and Senate Documents, 1955, Commonwealth of Virginia, Richmond, Virginia

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In an extra session on November 30, 1955, Virginia Governor Thomas Stanley addressed the General Assembly to discuss the Supreme Court 1954 and 1955 rulings in the Brown v. Board of Education case. Stanley argued that Virginia had made considerable progress toward equality and compliance with the Plessy v. Ferguson rule of "separate but equal." He went so far as to suggest that some black school facilities were superior to some white schools. Stanley was in full support of the recommendations put forth by the Gray Commission and called the special session to introduce a bill calling for a Constitutional Convention. The convention would act on the Gray Commission's recommendations to amend the State Constitution [section 141] to allow tuition grants for private schools.