Letter to Edward R. Murrow

  • Date: January 01, 1958
  • Creator: Para Lee Brock
  • Archive: J. Lindsay Almond, Jr. Executive Papers, Library of Virginia

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Georgia resident Miss Para Lee Brock wrote to Edward R. Murrow, CBS reporter, to respond to his upcoming program about the Norfolk, Virginia, school situation. Brock was an independent television writer and producer who had the opportunity to preview the program and offer feedback. According to Brock, the broadcast overall was a solid attempt at an unbiased representation of the school segregation situation in the South. However, Brock took offense at the opening sequence of the program which highlighted the small percentage of black students who attended one of the closed schools. She called it "propaganda" and an attempt to ridicule the South. Brock attempted to defend the massive resistance campaign, however, and she called on Murrow and the network to allow a Virginian the opportunity to respond to these statements and offer their justification as well.