Student Letter to Governor J. Lindsay Almond. Jr.

  • Date: 1958
  • Creator: Norman LaSalle
  • Archive: J. Lindsay Almond, Jr. Executive Papers, Library of Virginia

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Norman La Salle, a fourteen year old Arlington resident, wrote to Almond to express his concern over the school integration situation. His letter came just prior to the Almond's scheduled meeting with President Eisenhower to discuss the school situation. La Salle compared the Arlington situation to that of Prince Edward and asked the Governor why they too could not follow the same course of action in preventing desegregation. La Salle also criticized the "nine dictators" referring to the Supreme Court justices and objected to their exercise of federal power over the states. He said that in Arlington, "it seems to me people here want some measure of integration...[but]some measure can never be."