Remmie Arnold to Governor J. Lindsay Almond. Jr.

  • Date: April 13, 1960
  • Creator: Remmie Arnold
  • Archive: J. Lindsay Almond, Jr. Executive Papers, Library of Virginia

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Arnold, the president of Remmie Arnold Pen Co. Inc, a prominent pen and pencil company out of Petersburg Virginia, objected to what he considered racially inflammatory programming on the major television networks. His specific discontent stemmed from an April 10th program broadcast by NBC that was carried on the local stations. Though Arnold never names the program, it can be inferred that it was a broadcast with reporter Chet Huntley on the cause of desegregation in the South. According to Arnold, "...instead of helping in some way to solve [race problems] they are being distorted and breeding more unrest, which makes the problem harder for us to solve." He called on the Almond to exercise his powers to prevent future programming from being shown throughout the state. Arnold condemned NBC for feeding such programming to local stations and accuses them of giving "instructions to the dissenters of the colored race throughout the entire country."