The Bibliography of Slavery is a searchable database containing verified references (except as noted) to approximately 25,000 scholarly works in all academic disciplines and in all western European languages on slavery and slaving, worldwide and throughout human history, including modern times. It includes all known print materials published since 1900 in scholarly formats, as well as digital scholarly journals, recent unpublished presentations at academic conferences, professional historical sites, and major museum exhibitions and catalogs.

The bibliography includes only works sufficiently focused on these subjects to feature references to them in their titles; users of the database interested in further studies treating slavery or slaving in contexts of other subjects — Christianity, agriculture, ancient cities, general ethnographic descriptions, and so on — may expect to find ample leads to this further range of references in the footnotes and bibliographies of the works included here. It does not attempt to cover journalistic treatments, policy-oriented papers, juvenile materials, fiction, or the digital resources proliferating on the Internet, except for major academic sites. Even with the all-but limitless capacity of digital technology to hand, attempting to extend coverage of the arresting and pervasive human tendency to enslave to these exhaustive levels would render the database all but unmanageable.