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Please cite results as coming from: Funeral Records, Race and Place, An African-American Community in the Jim Crow South, Virginia Center for Digital History, University of Virginia (http://www2.vcdh.virginia.edu/afam/raceplace/perl_scripts/search_funeral.html).

NameBirth DateBirth Place Parents NameMother's Maiden NameDate of Death Place of DeathPlace of BurialOther Information Spouse's NameOccupationAge At Death Type of Record
Mary Bessie Taylor 8/18/1889Charlottesville, Va. William G. HearnsSarah Brackett 11/30/1986Martha Jefferson Hosp. Charlottesville, Va. Oakwood Cem.Son William Roscoe Taylor, Hempstead, NY William Roscoe Taylor
Melvinia Taylor 9/15/1870Albemarle Cty, Va. Jerry & Mary MilesSmith 12/25/1934Montclair, New Jersey Oak Union Cem. Hubert Taylor
Myrtle Taylor 8/17/1901Buckingham Cty, Va. Grant PalmerMinnie Anderson 6/30/1925Charlottesville, Va. Oakwood Cem. Charles Taylor
Peachie Taylor 11/25/1887White Hall, Va. Blueford TarryAmelia Kellar 4/7/1966UVA Hosp. Charlottesville, Va. Mt. Olivet Bap. Church Cem. Albemarle Cty, Va. Raleigh Taylor
Percy Taylor 9/23/1891Charlottesville, Va. Percy & Flora TaylorHenderson 4/20/1938Charlottesville, Va. Oakwood Cem.
Percy Lenwood Taylor 3/10/1911Esmont, Va. William & Roberta TaylorThompkins 11/18/1938Albemarle Cty, Va. Esmont, Va.
Raleigh L. Taylor 5/16/1881Waynesboro, Va. 10/23/1944White Hall, Va. White Hall, Va. Peachie
Rosetta Taylor 5/10/1906Roanoke, Va. Rush PattersonFlora Price 3/5/1928Charlottesville, Va. Roanoke, Va.
Ruby Lee Taylor 3/7/1941Newport News, Va. Robert & Rachel Faulcon 2/1/1992Charlottesville, Va. Oakwood Cem.Husb. Wayne A. Taylor;Son Sherwood L. Taylor;Sis. Betty Duncan, Virginia Snead 00 00
Rudolph B. Taylor 1/25/1911Charlottesville, Va. Morris TaylorLillian Flood 11/7/1998Charlottesville, Va. Oakwood Cem.Wife Louise Frye Taylor, died 7/4/1985;Sons Rudolph, Morris, Milton Taylor;Dtrs. Katherine Franklin, Doretha Jackson, Camille Eubanks, Romona Gordon 00 00
Russell Orlando Taylor 9/25/1962Charlottesville, Va. John Lewis CabellVirginia To Me Taylor Howard 2/21/1999Uva Hosp. Charlottesville, Va. Oakwood Cem.Bro. Kevin Taylor;Sis. Susan taylor, Natalie Howard, Kimberly Washington, Nicole Howard 00 00
Sarah Taylor 3/2/1923Albemarle Cty, Va. Tom HawkinsCharlottes Lewis 2/22/1975UVA Hosp. Charlottesville, Va. Oakwood Cem.Son John Hawkins, San Francisco, Ca.; Bros. Joseph, William, Garrett, & Thomas Hawkins
Silas M. Taylor 1/21/1923University of Va. Hosp. Society Cem. abt. 62
Susie Fleming Taylor 11/9/1881Charlottesville, Va. J. T. S. TaylorEliza A. Delancey 5/18/1976District Home, Waynesboro, Va. Oakwood Cem.
Viola Taylor 5/13/1944Queens, New York Maple Grove Cem. 65 years 11 months 7
Walter James Taylor 10/14/1910Charlottesville, Va. Walter J. TaylorMildred James 4/28/19781416 Forest Ridge Rd. Charlottesville, Va. Holly Memorial Gardens, Albemarle Cty, Va.Bro. Charlie Taylor; Sis. Lorraine Sowell, Mildred Walker, Helen Jones & Caroline Taylor Edith Allen Taylor
William Roscoe Taylor 3/5/1922Charlottesville, Va. William RoscoeMary Bessie Hearn Taylor 7/29/1987Hempstead, New York Oakwood Cem.Son William Roscoe Taylor, Los Angeles, Ca. & Connelly Taylor, New Oreleans, La.; Dtrs. Marilyn Edwards, Jefferson City, mi. & Michelle Lang, Los Angeles, Ca. Mary McKnight Taylor
William Roscoe Taylor 3/5/1922Charlottesville, Va. William & Mary Bessie Taylor 1/29/1987Hempstead Gen. Hosp. Hempstead, New York Oakwood Cem.Sons William Roscoe, Connelly Hearn Taylor; Dtrs. Marilyn Edwards, Michelle Lang Mary McKnight Taylor
William Roscoe Taylor 2/22/1890Charlottesville, Va. William Roscoe & Mary G. TaylorWatson 9/2/1932Charlottesville, Va. Oakwood Cem. Bessie
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