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NameBirth DateBirth Place Parents NameMother's Maiden NameDate of Death Place of DeathPlace of BurialOther Information Spouse's NameOccupationAge At Death Type of Record
Agnes Bell 7/2/1906Albemarle Cty, Va. Richard & Ada Lee WoodBrown 5/29/1941Charlottesville, Va. Piedmont Cem. Richard Bell
Barbara Ann Bell 5/10/1951Charlottesville, Va. Delos Blessed & Elizabeth BellWilliams 11/29/1952Charlottesville, Va. Chestnut Grove Cem.
Beatrice Bell 6/1/1889Baltimore, Md. Richard & Mary Breckenridge 1/1/1931Charlottesville, Va. North Garden, Va.Parents born in Albemarle Cty, Va. Robert Bell 41 years 5 months
Delois Ann Bell 3/20/1946Albemarle Cty, Va. Robert BellLouise Gray 11/10/1988Uva Hosp. Charlottesville, Va. Mt. Calvery Bap. Church Cem.Son Tony Ward, Newport News, Va.; Dtr. Prentiss Ward, Greensboro, NC; Sis. Mildred Jackson, Catherine Dickerson, Helen Holly, Lottie Winston
Deloris Ann Bell 6/3/1950Charlottesville, Va. Delos Blessed & Elizabeth BellWilliams 11/29/1952Charlottesville, Va. Chestnut Grove Cem.
Delos Blessed Bell 6/9/1952Charlottesville, Va. Delos Blessed & Elizabeth BellWilliams 11/29/1952Charlottesville, Va. Chestnut Grove Cem.
Elizabeth Bell 9/15/1926Greene Cty, Va. Walter KempeyIrene Williams 1/8/1966UVA Hosp. Charlottesville, Va. Bethany Bap. Church Cem. Ruckersville, Va.Sons William, Frankie, & Delos Bell; Dtrs. May Crenshaw, Irene Bell, Carolyn Bell, Mary Ella Bell, Dianne Cynthia Bell, Shirle Louise Bell; Bro. Rueben Williams, Ruckersville, Va. Delos Bell
Ella Bell 3/16/1893Buckingham Cty, Va. Louise Jones 4/28/1950Albemarle Cty, Va. Chestnut Grove Cem. Alonso Bell
Fannie Bell 3/18/1893Rockingham Cty, Va. Cuffey NorrisCorniela Terrell 4/2/1973354 11th St. NW Charlottesville, Va. Oakwood Cem.Son James Leroy Norris, Kingston, NY; Sis. Virgie Murray Thomas Bell
Frizelle Bell 8/13/1924Phila. Pa. Charlottesville, Va. 36T
Genevieve Bell 5/27/1917Urbana, Ohio Villa E. L. StewartCora H. Harris 7/24/19901716 Yorktown Drive Charlottesville, Va. Oakwood Cem.Husb. John F. Bell;Sons F.D. & Wendell Bradford;Dtrs. Patricia Brown, Sandra Byrd 00 00
Hattie Bell Shanadrat City, Va. Frank WardEmily Wright 4/4/1920University of Va. Hosp. Craigsville, Va.Undertaker Peoples Undertaking Establishment. James Bell abt. 35
Helen Bell 4/12/1891Albemarle Cty, Va. John CarterMildred Sorrell 4/26/1929Charlottesville, Va. Oakwood Cem.Mother born in Greene Cty, Va.
Irene Sylvester Bell 1/9/1949Albemarle Cty, Va. Delos BellElizabeth Williams 11/12/1992Uva Hosp. Charlottesville, Va. Chestnut Grove Bap. Church Cem.Sons Floyd & James Bell;Bros. Franklin, Delos Bell Williard Williams, Robert Winston;Sis. Mary Murray, Carolyn Barbour, Mary Ali 00 00
Jasper John Bell 8/27/1907Albemarle Cty, Va. Alonzo & Ella Bell 1/26/1988Uva Hosp. Charlottesville, Va. Oakwood Cem.Sons Raymond, Philip & Jasper Bell; Dtrs. Dorothy Williams, Catherine Moody; Bro. John Lewis Bell; Sis. Lucille Brown, Louise Thompson, Violet Wells, Alma Hinton Sally Brooks Bell
John Ferris Bell 12/19/1925Charlottesville, Va. John Ferris BellMaude Lee 2/11/19961716 Yorktown Charlottesville, Va. Oakwood Cem.Wife Genevieve Bradford Bell;Dtr. Sandra Byrd;Step-Dtr. Patricia Brown;Step-Sons F. D. Bradford, Wendell Bradford;Bros. Ray & Henry Bell;Sis. Rosamond Jamison 00 00
John Louis Bell 4/13/1921Albemarle Cty, Va. Alonzo R. BellElla Jones 3/15/1988211 Lankford Ave. Charlottesville, Va. Oakwood Cem.Sons John, George, Owens Bell; Dtrs. Peggy Vest, Eunice Dyer, Teresa Johnson, Mary Murrill Talcumia Anderson Bell
Laretta Bell 12/15/1914Charlottesville, Va. Richard BrownBetty Page 9/12/1969New York Oakwood Cem.Bro. Richard Brown; Sis. Lilly Mae Brown William Bell
Louise Elizabeth Bell 12/25/1920Springfield, Ohio Lemuel & Irene Gray 9/4/1979Ivy, Va. Mt. Calvery Bap. Church Cem. Ivy, Va.Dtrs. Lillian Davis, Brownmills, NJ & Delois A. Bell, C'ville, Va.; Sis. Naomi Ross, Dayton, Ohio Robert Bell
Luther Rice Bell 7/25/1895Albemarle Cty, Va. Edmond L. BellLouisa Martin 11/17/1991Piedmont Health Care Charlottesville, Va. Bryant Fam. Cem.Wife sallie Bryant Bell 00 00
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