Last Name Values in Funeral Records

Note: This is a listing of all the last names of deceased persons in the database. It does not include last names found in the Names of Parents and Mother's Maiden Name fields.

Each last name is a link to the corresponding records in the database. In cases where there are multiple spellings of what could be the same last name, an option to search all variants has been provided. Please note, however, that this broadened search will occassionally return extra results which may not be related to the original last name you were looking for.

Last Names
Abell Abrams Actie Actus Adams Agee Agie All variants of Agee
Ahart Alaire Alexander Allen Anderson Angell Angler Anthony
Armstead Arnett Arnold Ashton Ashwell Austin Babee Bailey
Baker Banks Banister Bannister All variants of Bannister Baptist Barber Barbour
All variants of Barbour Barley Barnaby Barnes Barratt Barrett Barrette All variants of Barrett
Bates Baylous Beauford Beaufort All variants of Beaufort Beck Becks All variants of Beck
Bell Bennett Benson Berkley Beverly Biasey Biggers Bistow
Black Blair Blakeney Blakey All variants of Blakey Bland Blanton Blue
Boger Bolden Bolton Bond Booker Boone Boston Bowles
Bouling Bowling All variants of Bowling Boxley Boyd Brackett Bradley Brady
Brannan Braxton Bray Breckenridge Brice Bridgeford Briggs Broady
Brock Brockman Brookins Brooklyn Brooks Brown Bruce Bryant
Buckhanna Buckner Bullock Bunch Burke Burkett Burks Burley
Burnett Burns Burrell Burrows Burress Burrus Burruss All variants of Burrus
Burton Butler Button Byer Byers Byrd Cabble Cabell
Calloway Campbell Carey Carmichael Carpenter Carr Carter Cary
Casey Cassaday Catlett Cattlett All variants of Cattlett Caul Cave Cavey
Cavanaugh Cavenaugh All variants of Cavanaugh Chamberlayne Chambers Chance Chapman Chatman
Cheekes Childrers Childress Chisholm Christian Church Churchman Claiborne
Clark Clarke All variants of Clark Clay Clayton Clements Clemmons Clifford
Coaltrain Cobb Cobbs Cogbill Coldero Cole Coleman Coles
Collins Colpher Commodore Commondore Commordore All variants of Commodore Compton Conn
Conrad Cooks Cooper Copeland Cornwell Corthorne Cosby Cottrelle
Cousins Covington Cowan Crapp Crawford Crenshaw Cromwell Crosby
Cruise Crump Cumberbatch Curry Dabney Dade Dalton Daniel
Daniels All variants of Daniel Davenport Davenslof Davis Dawson Day DeBerry
Dean Dearing Dennis Dent Desper Dickerson Dillard Donaldson
Doomes Doores Dorsey Dorson Douglas Douglass All variants of Douglas Dow
Dowell Dulaney Dungeon Durrett Durrette All variants of Durrett Dyer Eargle
Earley Early All variants of Early Easton Edmonds Edwards Elders Elliott
Ellis Essex Estes Eubanks Eurel Evans Evins All variants of Evans
Fagans Faggans All variants of Fagans Falwell Farrar Farrell Faultz Fields
Finks Fisher Fitch Flanagan Flannagan Flannigan All variants of Flannigan Fleming
Flemings Flemming Flemmings All variants of Flemming Fleshman Flood Folkes Ford
Forrest Fortune Fossett Foster Fountain Fountaine Foutain All variants of Fountain
Franklin Fray Freeman Fry Frye All variants of Fry Fuller Fultz
Furgerson Ferguson All variants of Ferguson Futrell Gaffney Gaines Gallery Galvin
Gardner Garfield Garland Garner Gaskins Gaston Gibbons Gilmer
Gilmore Givens Glenn Gofney Goggins Gohaner Gohanna Goines
Goings Goins Golden Goodloe Gordan Gordon All variants of Gordon Grady
Graham Grandy Granger Greaves Green Greene All variants of Green Gray
Grey All variants of Grey Griffin Grigsby Grimes Grisby Grooms Gross
Gruber Gruff Gunnell Gwynn Hackney Haden Hall Hailstalk
Hallstalk All variants of Hallstalk Halmann Hamilton Handsbury Hansberry Hansborough Hansbury
All variants of Hansbury Hardy Harman Harmon All variants of Harman Harriel Harris Hart
Hartgrove Harvey Haskins Hawkins Hayes Haywood Hearn Hearns
All variants of Hearns Heavens Heiskel Heiskell All variants of Heiskel Henderson Henry Herndon
Henley Hensley All variants of Hensley Hester Hici Hickman Hicks Hill
Hines Hinton Holiday Holland Hollins Holman Holmes Hooker
Hooks Hopkins Horsley Houston Howard Hudson Hughes Humes
Hunt Hunter Huston Hutchinson Ivory Jackson Jacobs James
Jefferson Jemison Jenkins Jennings Jernias Jett Joe Johnson
Jones Jordan Justin Keennie Keller Kelley Kelly Kelly
Kelser Kelso Kemper Kennedy Kenney Kennie Kennry Kenny
All variants of Kenney Kent Key Keyes Keys All variants of Keys Kimble Kimbo
King Laddebetter Landsdown Lane Langley Laugh Lawrence Lawson
Leach Ledbetter Lee Leitch Lewis Leggins Liggins Liggons
Ligon All variants of Leggins Lightfoot Liinks Lincoln Lindsay Linsey Linsley
All variants of Linsley Locker Lockett Logan Long Lorrest Lott Love
Loving Lucas Luck Luckadoo Madison Magruder Mallory Malone
Mansfield Mapping Markenie Marks Marshall Martin Mason Massey
Massie All variants of Massie Mathews Matthews All variants of Matthews Maupin Maury Mayo
Mays Mazie Mc Balden McClain McCoy McDaniel McDaniels All variants of McDaniels
McGinness McGruder McKenney McKenzie McNeil Meadows Medley Mercer
Mercy Michie Mickens Mickie Mickins Miles Miller Mills
Minor Miser Mitchel Mitchell All variants of Mitchell Modales Monroe Moon
Moore Moorhead Morman Morris Morrison Morton Mosby Moses
Moten Moton All variants of Moton Mozelle Murraugh Murray Myers Nelson
Newman Nicholas Nichols Nightengale Nightingale All variants of Nightingale Norris Nowlington
Oden Oliver Omley Orving Overton Owen Owens All variants of Owens
Page Pankey Parker Parrish Parsons Partillo Patterson Payne
Pendleton Penn Pennick Perkins Perrow Perry Phillips Pitman
Pleasants Poindexter Pollard Porter Powell Prerston Prescott Preston
Price Proctor Proffit Pryor Quarles Quincy Radford Ragland
Randall Randolph Ransom Rawlings Reaves Redd Redmand Redmond
All variants of Redmond Reed Reesby Reeves Reed Reid All variants of Reed Reo
Revelle Reynolds Rhodes Rice Richardson Riddick Rieves Riffins
Rivers Roanes Roberts Robinson Robison All variants of Robinson Rogers Rollins
Romano Rone Rones Rooks Ross Rowland Royal Royster
Rucker Rush Russell Sammons Sampson Sandridge Satterfield Saunders
Sawyer Saylor Scant Schanck Scott Scudder Seals Seay
Sellars Sellers All variants of Sellers Seyap Shackelford Shamblee Shaw Sheffield
Shelton Shephard Shepherd Sheppard All variants of Shepherd Sherfield Shirley Short
Shorter Simms Sims All variants of Sims Simpson Singleton Skeeter Skeeters
All variants of Skeeter Skinner Skipwith Slang Slaughter Slaughtetr All variants of Slaughter Sloan
Smith Snead Snipes Snow Solomon Southall Souther Sparks
Spears Spencer Spinner Stallings Staple Staples All variants of Staples Starks
Starling Stearns Stepp Steppe All variants of Steppe Steptoe Stephens Stevans
Stevens All variants of Stevens Steward Stewart Stills Stinney Stinnie All variants of Stinnie
Stratton Strother Strothers All variants of Strothers Suber Suesberry Swann Swift
Swingler Taliafarro Taliaferro All variants of Taliaferro Tarry Taylor Terrell Terry
Tharp Thinner Thomas Thompkins Thompsn Thompson All variants of Thompson Thornton
Thurston Tibbs Tillman Tilman All variants of Tillman Timbers Timberlake Timblake
All variants of Timberlake Timley Tinsley Todd Toliver Tolliver All variants of Tolliver Tombs
Toms Tonsler Tork Truehart Truhart All variants of Truehart Tucker Turner
Twine Twitty Tyler Tyree Underwood Valentine Vance Vandergrif
Vaughan Vest Wagland Walker Waller Walters Wanzer Ward
Warick Warrick All variants of Warrick Wars Washington Waters Watkins Watson
Watts Wayes Wayland Wayne Waynes All variants of Wayne Waytes Wayts
All variants of Waytes Weatherford Wertherford All variants of Weatherford Webb Wells Wesley West
Wheeler Whindleton Whitaker Whittaker All variants of Whittaker White Whithead Whiting
Whitlock Wicks Wiggington Wigginton All variants of Wigginton Wiley Wilkerson Willey
Williams Willis Wills Wilson Winbush Winfrey Wingfield Winn
Winston Witcher Wood Wooden Woodfolk Woodfork Woodley Woods
Woodson Woodward Woolfolk Woolridge Wooten Word Wren Wright
Wyant Wyatt Wynn Yancey Yancy All variants of Yancey Yates Yonkers
York Young

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