From Porch Swings to Patios: Oral History Project

Interview of George Ferguson by Milton J. Carpenter on December 15, 1980.

George Ferguson was born on February 16, 1911 at 307 West Main Street. The son of a physician, he chose to become an undertaker rather than follow in his father's footsteps as a doctor because he "didn't like school." He recalls physical, social, economic, and racial differences in various neighborhoods in Charlottesville and describes housing conditions. [from pg 46 "From Porch Swings to Patios"] He discusses the transportation through the Vinegar Hill neighborhood as well as the changes over time in its boundaries and businesses. He comments extensively on the urban renewal of Vinegar Hill and its ramifications, as well as changes in customer service and employment. In particular he discusses the politics of renting versus owning property in Charlottesville. Ferguson was President of the Charlottesville chapter of the NAACP for a time.

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From Porch Swings to Patios: An Oral History of Charlottesville's Neighborhoods Prepared by the Department of Community Planning Advisory Board and students of the University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA, 1982 - 1984.

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